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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

OR, Casting, and Prayer

It's only Wednesday and this week has already been my favorite as far as work goes at the hospital.

Monday I joined Lauren and Haley in the OR to sit in on some surgeries. I was kind of nervous in my first one because the last time I tried watching a surgery (2008) I passed out. Thankfully, I made it through, and I wanted to see more! The first surgery I saw was Ehona, a 2 year old little boy with clubfoot. I also saw Hesbon's elbow surgery, and an arthroscopic ACL/meniscus repair. It was so cool. The arthroscopy is a little boring because you just see a mess of tissues on the screen and it all looks the same to me. When they made the new ACL out of the patellar tendon it started getting really interesting though! I'm really hoping I can get back into the OR and maybe 'scrub in' before I leave.

Haley and I watching the arthroscopy

Probing around the knee

Tuesday I saw the patient that we did the ACL/meniscus repair on during rounds with physical therapy. He said he remembers seeing my in the operating room because he wasn't asleep. He had an epidural because he wanted to watch the surgery! That is one brave man. I also did my first cast! Lucy was the cute little girl that had the honor :) She has spina bifida, which affects how she walks and led her to develop a wound on her foot. It was what they called a "healing cast" so I didn't have to set the foot or anything fancy. But it was fun! 

Today was a clinic day, so we had a lot of patients in out-patient along with the patients that we usually see. For the physical therapy department, clinic days mean changing a lot of casts. I applied 2 more casts today and attempted to remove a cast. I'm not a big fan of removing casts mostly because it involves a loud saw and usually screaming babies. It's much harder than the doctors make it seem. Tomorrow, Haley and I are going on a mobile clinic to Thika (about 2 hours away), and I'm only one of two 'therapists' going so I'll have a lot of practice removing casts. 
Haley and I have also been wanting to get more involved with the spiritual department. We are either in surgery or seeing patients all day and it can start to feel like we're not really sharing the gospel or speaking to the lives of the people we meet. I've had to learn that the medical and spiritual healing that CURE emphasizes is definitely going on, but they have staff in charge of managing each. Today we talked to the head of the spiritual department to see how we can get more involved and she invited us to come to their afternoon fellowship session. It was great to see the parents and children in the ward worshipping and sharing testimonies! Please be in prayer as we try to get more involved with this ministry and as we prepare a message for next weeks fellowship session. I can see God moving in this hospital and I encourage you if you are reading this to pray for the patients that as they see the healing of their body through the doctors that they would also receive healing through the Spirit. 

There's a lot going on and it's hard to believe I am almost half way through my trip! Thank you all for the prayers! 


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