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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I wanted to update you on my earlier post about James and Jeremiah. 

Unfortunately, I have some very sad news. Remember James?

James was sent to Kijabe Hospital for treatment because CURE didn't have the resources to treat his bed sores. His family was unable to afford the treatment, and last Wednesday (4th of July), James passed away due to infection. Thank you to all of you who prayed for James. I know that God is using his story to change the lives of many people. I know he has touched my heart and the hearts of those who saw him at CURE. Join me in praying for people in Kenya who can't afford medical treatment! 

Remember Jeremiah?

This is the little boy that had his wrist casted and lost circulation to his hand. His surgery went well...

... And he started physical therapy! He has good range of motion, but he has no feeling in any of his fingers. Mirriam would move his hand and fingers in every direction, and he couldn't feel any pressure on the skin that I thought looked like it should be tender. 

But praise God that he has had a good recovery so far and he is able to move his hand! Jeremiah and his dad loved playing soccer around the hospital and he is a really happy kid. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Won't Turn Back

Since I last posted I had to say goodbye to some pretty awesome people and traveled a little less than half way around the world!

Me, Lauren, and Haley

Peter and Sam


Mirriam, David, and Elvis

I've been home for a few days now and I have to say that the past 7 weeks just feel like a big blur. I was looking through my pictures and just thinking, "Wow, I did that!" When I was there it felt normal to walk into surgery if there was nothing else to do, be sent out to see a patient needing a wheelchair if there was no one else available, and see a baboon along the way. As I'm here sitting in my house, looking out at the cornfield in my backyard, and drinking my cup of coffee it all seems like a dream.
I don't want to go back to my everyday life in America. I don't want forget what I saw and did in Kenya. I want my life to be transformed! There are still families that can't afford medical care, and the little boy James with the bed sores still hasn't been treated. I hope that all of you reading my blog have been able to see some of what I had the privilege to see and want to do something as well. There are tons of ways to support CURE and the work they're doing.

1. Support a CURE kid
2. Take the 1 Child Challenge
3. Make a donation toward a child's surgery

I named my blog "Won't Turn Back" after the song by NEEDTOBREATH. It was scary to answer my call to Kenya with no idea what was in store. It's still scary now that I'm home to take on the responsibility of sharing my experiences and telling everyone about the need I saw. But God gives me the same strength He gave Christ. So, I won't turn back.

Lonely like a sailorWho's left his girl at homeNo storm could overtake the love he knows
So tell me why I should run for coverAt the sound of the coming thunderAll I hear is the cry of my loverSo take your shotI won't turn back
I won't turn back
Faithful like a soldierWho's answered to the callEven when his back's against the wall
So tell me why I should run for coverAt the sound of the coming thunderAll I hear is the cry of my loverYeah take your shotI won't turn back
No I won't turn backNo I won't turnNo I won't turn
So tell me why I should run for coverAt the sound of the coming thunderAll I hear is the cry of my loverYeah take your shotI won't turn back
I won't turn backI won't turn backI won't turn back
No I won't turn backNo I won't turn backNo I won't turn back
Yeah, I won't turn backI won't turnI won't turn

Monday, July 2, 2012

This Is It

Where have the last 2 months gone? Tonight I leave Kenya for the long journey back home after an incredible adventure abroad. It's definitely a bitter sweet feeling and I will be so happy when the goodbyes are over and my flights arrive safe and sound. Saying goodbye to the wonderful people here is the hardest part about leaving Kenya, but I do it with the hope that God will provide a way for me to return in the future. Thinking about all the joys of summer time in Jersey and the comforts of home excite me, but the thoughts of leaving some wonderful people and a country that I love behind breaks my heart. I'm sure going to miss this place.

But what a better way to end our trip than hiking Mt. Longonot with some of the hospital staff!

The volcano, Mt. Longonot, from a distance

Climbing the rim of the hole in the volcano

First peak!

The inside of the volcano and the mountain on the rim

It took us about 4.5 hours to finish the whole thing, and afterward Haley and I taught the Kenyans how to play ninja. Lets just say they loved it! 

Then they took us for some nyoma choma (aka grilled goat). I've had grilled goat before, but this did not taste good. It was good company as always though. 

God has blessed my time here so much! It's been great, Kenya! Until next time :)