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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Can Do All Things

Now that the wheelchair training is over, I have been able to shadow the PT's in their natural environment. It's only been two days in the clinic and I'm learning so much! It's incredible how much they trust me to do things on my own! Mirriam and I were evaluating a baby girl only 5 days old yesterday, who was born with bilateral club foot. She had me fill out the assessment form, and told me that she would teach me how to do the assessment. So today, she gave a book and now I'm reading all about the treatment of congenital clubfoot! During the same clubfoot assessment, Mirriam told me that I would start casting on my own too. Like seriously?

Baby Annah (5 days old): before and after casting

Today I was reminded once again that I would be casting on my own... starting tomorrow!! 

Everyday I have to remind myself that God does not put me in situations that I can't handle. I definitely feel inadequate at times, but through the grace of God I am reminded that He makes me adequate. I guess we'll see tomorrow how adequate I really am :) 
I have to share some pictures of the precious kids we've been seeing! I'm having a hard time choosing which kids to put up, so sorry (but not sorry) if you get tired of looking at pics!

Esther and I after her couseling with the PTs. She has her lower legs amputated tomorrow. 

Antony and I during his traction. I think he's posing for the camera :) Antony is a CUREkid. Read his story!

Cute little Mary. She was SO excited to see a mzungu (white person).

Splendor after her surgery. Look at that face! 

Mbuti after his surgery yesterday! Mbuti is a CUREkid. Follow his story!


Mer said...

Cassie, How exciting!! :)I'm so proud of you for being bold and diving in-- You can do this!

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