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Monday, May 21, 2012

New Adventures

The internet has been out all weekend, so today I finally get to share with you all what I've been up to!

Saturday, Lauren took us for little tour of Kijabe and then Haley and I went for our first run here in Kenya. Let's just say it took our breath away. Literally. Kijabe is about 7,000 ft above sea level, so the lack of oxygen has you out of breath when your just walking up the hill to the dukas (stores). We're working on it! After our run we took the ENOs out to the porch of the ENT house to read until it started pouring down rain. Just look at that view!

On Sunday we went to our first church service about an hour late, but the part that we were there for was great! The pastor talked about how big God's love is, which is humbling to hear from a Kenyan when your on a missions type of trip. It's so amazing to think about just how big God is when your in an other part of the world. He created all of creation, even the friendly spiders we find in our kitchen just about everyday. After church went up to RVA, which is a school for missionary kids, to watch Lauren play volleyball. Some of my Asbury friends know RVA very well :)

Haley and I went for a run up at the RVA soccer (football) field. Please just look at the view behind this field that we can look at while we run. Beautiful!

Later Sunday night Haley went back up to RVA for their Sunday night service because a former Asbury Prof, Mr. Reincheld was speaking! He was Janah's (my roommate) french prof and his wife worked in the health clinic at Asbury. It's definitely nice to know some more faces around here.

Today, I finally started work in the hospital! The physical therapy department is having a wheelchair conference all week thanks to the a group that is donating wheelchairs to hospitals all over Kenya and other countries in Africa. They are here to train the staff in how to assess a patient who may need a wheelchair, how to determine what kind of wheelchair will be best for them, and how to fit and assemble a chair themselves. In Africa, they just give away any wheelchairs that they have available because they are so hard to come by. This causes major pressure sores and other problems that end up hurting the patient more in the long run. I get to be a part of the conference, so by the end of the week I'll be certified too! I'll be so ready to work with patients at the end of the week, but I have to say that this is kind of interesting stuff haha! They also showed us the workshop where they make prosthetics for the CURE patients. (This is for you LeeAnn!)


Well my computer is about to die, and I have a long day of training again tomorrow, so until next time, Kwaheri (good-bye)!


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