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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Kenyan Life

I got certified in wheelchair assessment and prescription

And I went to my first Kenyan football game

(yes, this girl is wearing a cheerleading skirt and her football jersey as a cape...)

It was a good day. It's kinda crazy, but I'm starting to get used to life in Kenya. As John (our Kenyan friend that hangs out at our house) walked me to the football game, I saw two people on the street that I knew just from going to the dukas and hanging around the hosptial. I'm feeling so blessed to be meeting such wonderful people. For dinner we had two missionary girls over. They're working with the IDP (internally displaced people) camps in the Rift Valley and it was just really great to meet more mzungu's (white people) and to hear some great testimonies. I'll elaborate more once I can process everything a little more. 


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